Finding a comprehensive overview of any given startup ecosystem has long been problematic given the constant change over time that defines the concept of startups in the first place. There are distinct advantages, however, to connecting startups to each other, along with scale-ups, innovators, incubators, accelerators, investors and co-working spaces. It allows for networking, interaction and collaboration that can often add value versus working in isolation. A comprehensive overview can also be used to measure progress, both within the ecosystem, and in comparison to others in the region or around the world, such as levels of tech employment or funding resources. These lead to insights into success factors for a particular ecosystem and potentially unique skill sets, but also can highlight barriers, such as structural obstacles, government bureaucracy or funding impediments.

Dealroom, founded in 2013 and based in Amsterdam, has emerged as a central resource in understanding start-up ecosystems and the underlying companies and investments, with a particular strength in Europe. Dealroom has spent 5 years doing research, using various tools, including AI machine learning, to uncover start-ups, funding resources, people and spaces to create a giant, up-to-date database that it can then use to provide insights for companies, investors and governments.

Belay Station - Articles (Dealroom Berlin, N26 - Nov 19, 2018)Dealroom offers a large part of its database for free. It also offers four paid products, including an upgrade to Premium, which allows for access to the full database, data export capabilities and more. Dealroom also provides Custom Research, the backbone of what Dealroom is essentially about. A separate Blog gives a hint at the type of information Dealroom can glean from its own database, with Dealroom analysts taking deep-dives within various industries, trends and company watchlists. Numerous newsrooms, such as the Financial Times, CNBC, Forbes and others, writing on the startup world, often refer to Dealroom research as source material.

Dealroom is built on a specific API, which it offers to integrate into other organisations for access to the database, algorithms and underlying codebase that Dealroom itself uses. It counts companies like Deloitte and Microsoft Ventures as clients. In addition, Dealroom, uses its API, along with crowd-sourced methods to create Ecosystem maps for cities, regions and countries. Start-up Europe, previously written about here, is powered by Dealroom for its underlying Startups Finder database, for example. Dealroom has also recently opened up the Berlin Ecosystem to the public for free at at an event launch held by the Venture Capital company Target Global, and is considering similar actions for other cities.

Belay Station - Articles (Dealroom Berlin - Nov 19, 2018)Ultimately, Dealroom is an excellent starting point to gain an insight into the entrepreneurial culture and resources in any given place, and track and measure progress and change.

Don Jurries

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